Velents AI is a hiring platform that helps scale your hiring easily. With AI screening, skills assessments, and video interviewing software, hire talent quickly and efficiently.


Velents is a data-driven AI-based hiring platform that is a hybrid of an applicant tracking system & assessments software that saves up to 80% of your hiring time. We enable you to select candidates based on data and analytics. We automate the hiring process with advanced assessment tools like: * Applicant tracking system. * AI screening assistant. * Personality assessment. * Code assessment. * Automated video interviews. * Live interviews. * Recruiting Chatbot. ==Our Mission:== Velents mission is to help recruiters and hiring managers make better hiring decisions. They get structured data, personality assessment and interview analysis. Using those insights, they can make decisions without the risk of having unconscious bias influence the decision. ==Our Vision:== Velents vision is to automate hiring activities from sourcing to meeting the hiring managers and ensuring it is free of discrimination or bias where organizations can make well-thought-out and ethical hiring decisions.


Public beta


  • Website/Web app

Launch date

July 07, 2020


September 21, 2022