Business Name Generator by Looka

Looka’s Business Name Generator comes up with tons of unique business name ideas in seconds — then lets you check the domain availability, social handle suggestions, and more without leaving the page. Generate an awesome name for free!


We set out to make a business name generator that was 10x better than what's currently out there. Not only does our generator create really high-quality names (the algorithm itself took months to build), it categorizes them in 5 distinct categories (e.g. invented names, compound names) so it works for every style of company from tech startup to traditional bakery. Our Business Name Generator also makes it easy to check domain and social media availability, Google the company name (to check its reputation and usage), hear it pronounced with multiple accents, check the trademark office, and see logo ideas on Looka with one click. Naming is something that people always struggle with, and it sucks for the first step of starting something to be a struggle. Our hope with the Business Name Generator is that it can pump out enough ideas (disclaimer: some will be bad) that you can find a perfect name for your new thing and have a little more success than you would have had otherwise.




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Launch date

May 25, 2021


May 27, 2021