Capture and share interactive product demos in minutes.


HowdyGo lets users test drive your product with engaging, interactive demos. Unlike videos, HowdyGo demos are fully interactive sandboxes of your platform that guide users through a specific journey. HowdyGo demos can be embedded in your website to convert visitors, shared in your outreach to let prospects understand the value of your product before they commit to a call, or handed over to customer champions so they can help you get buy in at their company. Download the HowdyGo Chrome extension to get started. Simply click through the flow you want to highlight in your app and let HowdyGo rebuild it in a flawless sandbox of your website. Tweak the messaging, add a call to action and share it with prospects.


Public beta


  • Website/Web app
  • Chrome extension

Launch date

April 01, 2023


October 30, 2023