Adioma is an infographic maker that helps you to create infographics fast using icons and self-building templates.


Adioma is an infographic maker that automates design for you using visual language and infographic templates. Traditional infographic makers let you create infographics out of static templates. With static templates you have to spend time and effort to tailor the template to your content. In Adioma, all infographic templates are generated algorithmically. This way, no matter how many points you add, your template always builds itself instantly and looks perfect. Adioma lets you easily match your words to pictures with unique icons and illustrations. Successful infographics are as visual as possible. How do you find a visual equivalent for all your words? Use an icon language, which is essentially a very large icon collection with all icons created in the same graphic style. It has template switcher that lets you look at the same infographic in different templates Infographic templates determine if your readers understand your infographic. Structureless infographics are less success




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Launch date

September 01, 2016


March 24, 2017