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Golden is no ordinary community service app or volunteers app. Create Golden Moments by searching volunteer opportunities. Go from Volunteering to Volunteered. Experience "Golden Moments" more frequently through volunteer opportunities. Already called, "The best community service app of all time," and featured on the BBC, FOX, Crain's, Elite Daily and other renowned publications, Golden is now available in many cities, and expanding across the USA this summer with your support! Forget everything you think you know about volunteering, and discover experiences you’d want to be doing, regardless how they’re labeled. Come find new ways to have fun with your friends, and meet new ones. It’s easy. Golden also gives you credit toward community service requirements. This is also the best app for anyone to run an instant, secure, portable background check. Website: Android: iPhone: What is a “Golden Moment”? Here are some features we think you’ll like: * *Personalized Results* : We consider your schedule, home zip code, expressed interests, Facebook likes, places your friends have visited, and more to deliver Golden Opportunities suited specifically for you. * *Instant Reservations* : When you see something you like, just click “DOWN TO VOLUNTEER” on the listing, and reserve your spot through Golden. You can even add it to your calendar, complete with all location and timing details. * *Robust Social Features* : When you’re down to volunteer or are considering a Golden Opportunity, you can share it directly with your friends over any social network, text, or email in a way that links your friends to the exact listing in the app so that they can join you in under 10 seconds. * *Location Awareness* : Enable your location permissions to see opportunities around you, and seamlessly get credit for all Golden Opportunities you attend. * *Reliable Reporting* : Affiliate with your school, club, religious organization, and/or company on Golden, and the person in charge at that organization will be able to see your contributions through Golden (hint: this is how high school students satisfy volunteering requirements through Golden). * *Honest Reviews* : After each Golden Opportunity, both you and the host review each other with a simple 1-5 star rating and optional written feedback. This means a real sense of how something will be before you commit to it. * *Painless Background Checks* : Complete an instant and secure background check through Golden in under one minute, and use it anywhere you need it after that. Golden’s check is the slickest available. Now you’re Golden!




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Launch date

November 13, 2016


October 13, 2016